David H. Wells Photography

Documentary - Articles about the Foreclosed Dreams project

ABC News network web-site                                                                  LINK

ArtMe.me blog                                                                          PDF        LINK

Artspace Exhibition Catalogue                                               PDF

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Collect Magazine - Spring 2013                                              PDF

Lenscratch blog                                                                       PDF        LINK

New York Times Lens Blog                                                     PDF        LINK

Photo Journal                                                                           PDF        LINK

Phototechniques Magazine                                                     PDF        LINK

SLIDELUCK Lehigh Valley II                                                                   LINK

SmallCamera Big Picture blog                                                PDF        LINK

Witness, the journal of the Black Mountain Institute            PDF        LINK

Exhibit Review / Providence Phoenix                                                    LINK

Exhibit Review / The ARTery, WBUR, Boston NPR               PDF        LINK

Exhibit Review / RI Monthly                                                                    LINK

Exhibit Review / The Salem News                                           PDF        LINK